Nova Scotia

how to get a cremation certificate

In most cases, the staff at the crematory will be able handle all aspects of the cremation, including completing the death certificate and transporting the body to the crematory for a nominal fee. In addition, a crematory will often charge a fraction of the price that a … ... More

how to get into mit college

No single test score or grade point average will guarantee you admittance to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. MIT looks at many factors when reviewing student applications. ... More

how to keep a pet turtle

An aquarium stand designed to keep the turtles up off the floor runs about $50. Dry set up: Dry tanks cost $150-$200 and include a UV light for $20-$30 . The Tortoise Trust maintains an online guide to caring for a box turtle [ 3 ] . ... More

how to get a liquor license in gauteng

3/09/2017 · A Lot of people get confused with a temporary license and a catering/occasional liquor license. A temporary liquor license has been written out of the liquor law. ... More

how to get adobe on iphone

Then when you distribute it using Adobe FormsCentral anyone who opens it using the Updated Reader for iOS and Android they can submit it back to the FormsCentral service. Then you can manage the responses through the Adobe FormsCentral service. ... More

how to get rid if accel fallout nv

Just like the traits system in Fallout New Vegas, Fallout 76 Mutations have both positive and negative effects. You can get a mutation from exposure to irradiated creatures, food, drink ... More

how to get arcane symbol

28/07/2016 · After completing the Chew Chew Island quests, you can acquire the Arcane Symbol: Chew Chew Island. You can get more of them by hunting monsters (Chew Chew Island does not have daily quests like Road of Vanishing). ... More

how to get invisible blocks in minecraft

This plugin makes invisible blocks have a knockback effect on the player, making an invisible wall that the player cannot get though. You could use this in order to avoid using glass walls, that may ruin your landscape, or something like that. ... More

how to find tracking number on jbhifi orders

The simplest way is to enter the JB Hi-Fi Order tracking number in the form located above and click on the Track button. You can find JB Hi-Fi Order tracking number … ... More

how to get promo codes for nike via email

Get your favourite Nike shoes edited with different colours and styles to create your own trendy Nike shoes. Their promo codes usually apply to your creations as ... More

how to get rid of a line word

Similar Threads: 1.Getting rid of black line bar in Word 2002 I did not have this problem before. But now, whenever I am trying to create a new document, while typing in any text on the blank document, a black bar line appears and covers the whole text, so I can't see anything that I am typing. ... More

how to get beetles in roguelands

23/04/2017 · ️ Empfohlene Programme, welche für das Tutorial benötigt werden! MegaDownloader (Ohne Limit & Wartezeit auf runterladen) Software für … ... More

how to get free uber ice cream

In addition to free ice cream, if you order it from Uber, you may get an additional treat. In past promotions, Uber has delivered ice cream in unique ways, including in classic cars, cable cars, Segways, drones, hoverboards, canoes, and even speedboats (see above tweet), depending on … ... More

zip keeps coming updone how to fix

The best way to do this is to hold the garment by the zipper allowing the rest of the garment to fall away from the zipper to keep it out of the line of fire. Spray extra hairspray around the top of the zipper -- the key is to make the zipper sticky. ... More

how to get rid of dried polish

5/04/2009 · Best Answer: You will have to soak the stain long enough for the polish to dissolve. To do this, saturate a cotton ball with polish remover or acetone (most or all … ... More

how to fix fisher & paykel dishwasher e6 error

6a) If the bottom of the dishwasher has water in it, locate the plumbing problem and fix it, then dry it out. 6b) If there's junk wedged under/around the switch or float foam, then remove it all. 6c) If you know how, you can remove the switch and test that it works with a multimeter. ... More

how to get monolids with makeup

Professional makeup artist Ricky Wilson thinks so, too. He gave me a few tips on how to master monolid makeup. He gave me a few tips on how to master monolid makeup. Check 'em out in … ... More

how to keep food warm in lunch box

The THERMOS Foogo food jar is equipped with the vacuum insulation technology of THERMOS. This technology ensures that hot foods are kept warm for 5 hours and cold foods are kept cold for 9 hours. ... More

how to get pyro airplane gta v

The multiplayer component of GTAV is adding the Buckingham Pyro, a plane with a jet engine and dual machine guns. There are also a bunch of bonus opportunities to get some double GTA$. ... More

how to kill birds with lasers

The most common backyard hawks are all smaller birds of prey: the sharp-shinned hawk, the Cooper’s hawk and the American kestrel in North America, as well as similar species in other parts of the world. ... More

how to make your eyelashes grow longer naturally

Simply brushing your eyelashes using an eyelash comb can make your eyelashes appear longer. Here is a video tutorial by eHow Beauty on how you should comb your eyelashes. Bonus tip : Brush your eyelashes after applying mascara as well to remove clumps and give a more natural ... More

how to get to la verna

11/08/2010 · Francis had a camp at la Penna in an area of strange rock formations in the forest known as La Verna, now a series of buildings from different eras that make up a sanctuary. It was here that Francis received the stigmata in 1224. A walk through the forest leading to the summit of Monte Penna gives you a wide panorama view of the Tiber and the Arno valleys. ... More

how to fix google play authentication is required

30/08/2017 · HOW TO INSTALL SHOW BOX 5.05 ON FIRE STICK & FIRE TV OR ANDROID DEVICES (JUNE 2018) - Livy Kodi - Duration: 12:01. LIVY KODI 290,008 views ... More

how to get to darkbeast paarl

27/03/2015 · Darkbeast Paarl resides where Old Yharnam and Yahar’Gul, Unseen Village meet. This lanky, bolt-enhanced boss is shifty, but he’s also prone to collapsing given its long legs. When Darkbeast Paarl is on its feet, it’s best to avoid its front as it specializes in wide, sweeping attacks. But if you pummel it enough with a combo of hits, you will get Darkbeast Paarl to ... More

how to get timid nature

Oh, he'll never wreck her through rashness, rest assured of that; but he's timid to childishness, and timid skippers lose just as many vessels as rash ones. View in context Excessively timid in all other matters, she was without fear when it came to climbing or running through the trees, and Lop-Ear and I were awkward and lumbering and cowardly in comparison. ... More

how to get media off recovery mode ipod

1-Click to Exit Recovery Mode free iPhone stuck in recovery mode (Connect to iTunes screen)? Thanks to Any System Repair, you can get any iPhone/iPad/iPod touch out of recovery mode … ... More

how to leave a happy life

How to Achieve Ikigai. True ikigai is achieved when all areas overlap in the center for a well-balanced. happy life. For instance, you can pursue what you love and what the world needs, but this may leave you without any wealth. ... More

how to find proportion in arcgis

Find the Data Link for the ArcGIS 9.3 Introduction to GIS Mapping and ESRIs ArcGIS Software and Right-Click on the Link. In Firefox, Select Save Link As, in Internet Explorer, Select Save Target As ... More

how to get a full refund from groupon

C.H said: I received an email from Groupon offering me a full refund. I would have preferred the wine, but I think 4 months is long enough to wait, so I will give up on the wine! 'I couldn't get a ... More

how to get to warsaw modlin airport

Warsaw Modlin Airport (IATA: WMI, ICAO: EPMO) is an international airport, formerly a disused military airfield, which opened in July 2012. It is located 40 km (25 miles) north of Warsaw's city centre in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki and has a maximum capacity of approx. 2-2.3 million passengers a year. ... More

conan exiles how to kill emus

To access the Testlive branch go to your Steam library, right click on Conan Exiles, select Properties, go to the Betas tab, and select "Testlive" from the drop down menu. ... More

how to get a prescription for anavar

Oxandrolone is the generic name for Anavar, a prescription strength anabolic androgenic steroid. Like other anabolic steroids, oxandrolone does have the potential to accelerate and increase muscle growth, size, and strength. ... More

how to fix display driver crashing

8/03/2016 Nvidia's new Game Ready drivers are crashing systems, but there's a fix Not-Quite-Game-Ready Drivers Update: Nvidia's already pushed out beta drivers to fix the issues. They're currently ... More

how to find an original price from a discount

... More

how to join the peace corps uk

If you re like most people interested in joining the Peace Corps, the thought of spending a couple of years immersed in a different country, language, and culture sounds both adventurous and intimidating As you contemplate the reality of volunteering, your mind races with questions Which programs are my skills best suited to How will the ... More

how to find the temp of any laptop

19/03/2011 · How to remove hidden temp files speed up computer/laptop. ... More

how to get a masternode private key xuez

Please note, the masternode priviate key is not the same as a wallet private key. Never put your wallet private key in the masternode.conf file. That is equivalent to putting your 10,000 Xuez on the remote server and defeats the purpose of a hot/cold setup. ... More

how to get wimpod pokemon moon

I was able to use Sharpedo to break the rocks in the water to the south of Route 8, and then wait in front of the hole until the Wimpod ran into me triggering the fight. After that it was relatively simple to just sleep the Pokemon and fling ultra balls at it. ... More

how to make anxiety go away without medication

It isn't hard to get stuck focused on its symptoms and discomforts, looking for anything that can make it go away. But in trying to make anxiety go away, we further estrange ourselves from the ... More

how to get blueberry stains out of grout

If the grout color isn't deep enough you may need to let some of the water evaporate from the leftover cabinet paint to get the right shade and consistency of grout. You can always add a small bit of water once you have the color you want. I would think the dried grout would be darker than wet. ... More

how to put ads on my website and get paid

So yes you can get paid to click ads. These websites are known as Paid to Click websites. These websites offer some ads and pay you to click them. Often these ads are worth 1 cent, however, do not let this fool you. As you refer people to your website you will earn off of their clicks as well. ... More

how to get rid of musty smell in bedroom

22/08/2007 · Best Answer: I hate when people try to fool you by saying the smell is from it being closed up. Musty smells come from moisture. The only way to get rid of it is to get rid of the moisture in the air. Are you in a basement apartment or one on the 1st floor. Basements always have that musty odor. You can get ... More

how to lose fat at home in hindi

How To Lose Weight Without Exercise In Hindi How To Lose Belly Fat At Home Fast How To Lose Weight Without Exercise In Hindi Lose 15 Pounds In A 6 Month How Many Calories In Vs Out To Lose Weight Lose Ten Pounds In 1 Week How To Lose 25 Pounds In 6 Weeks. For a couple of reasons Acne Free In 3 Days turned out to be a disappointment for me personally and To get still playing my ... More

how to get rid of fine lines home remedies

How to Get Rid of Smile Lines using Castor Oil: Castor oil treatment is probably one of the simplest and at the same time most effective home remedies to correct laugh lines,marionette lines, and deep facial lines. ... More

how to find ip address of my pc

Finding IP Address of a Website. There are also several options to find IP of any website. A website is a location connected to the internet to store pages. ... More

how to help my cats to get over fence

10/01/2004 · Cat fence? Got a link to any? I've _never_ seen a fence that would stop a determined cat. Hell, my parents' cat used to get stuck on the roof all the time and we … ... More

how to get laid in high school reddit

guys who fuck a lot in high school generally peak by the time high school ends. Most guys start getting laid more and more as they get older, ideally peaking in your 30's when girls want it the most. One could recommend not obsessing about it, but no high school … ... More

how to get smarter in every subject

But mastering hard skills won’t necessarily get you promoted. As you spend more time in your role and move towards your mid-career point, employers will start to become more interested in your soft skills. ... More

how to get on a camel

Camel get. Faster than I thought it would be. I can understand that you need to be lvl 55 cause those basilisk enemies are super rough But there's no yellow quest that tells you to kill anything. So I'm guessing or hope that there's another way like KR did with exchanging horses. Cause locking it to lvl 55 is a bit much, imo. ... More

how to get to singapore polytechnic

These days, you don't have to be a junior college (JC) student to get into competitive undergraduate programmes such as law. In the last five years, more students are taking the polytechnic route ... More

how to keep rv awning clean

Outback RV Owners Forum take awning off and burn it. i clean ours and 5 days later its back. i give up. my next awning will be blue on blue, no white at all. Lamar, You realize you're like the unofficial (not sure if the vote has passed or not) leader of the Southeastern Outbackers and some people may follow your instructions on the awning cleaning.....Whether you like it or not you are a ... More

how to get national merit

Want to win the National Merit Scholarship? Here’s how. Looking for a solution to not only help get your child accepted into a top university, but also a way to afford … ... More

how to find annual growth rate population

The average annual percent change in the population, resulting from a surplus (or deficit) of births over deaths and the balance of migrants entering and leaving a country. The rate may be positive or negative. The growth rate is a factor in determining how great a burden would be imposed on a country by the changing needs of its people for infrastructure (e.g., schools, hospitals, housing ... More

how to kill someone and leave no evidence

If you, or someone else, gives evidence the solicitor from the DPP may cross-examine (question) you, or your witness, about what you have said or anything else that is relevant to the case. You may then make submissions about your case. ... More

how to get rid of genital herpes outbreak quickly

The viral infections of herpes are causing painful blisters on the mouth or the genital region. The usage of antibiotic is ineffective, because antibiotics are only treating bacteria and herpes is virus. ... More

how to find a reputable coin dealer

A coin dealer is a professional who offers coins, bullion products, coin supplies, coin books, and just about everything else you’ll need to be successful at and enjoy coin collecting and investing. Coin dealers are also pretty knowledgeable, too. ... More

how to get the us out of debt

9/11/2016 Hello friends. This video is a bit more serious but I really hope you can learn something new! I HIGHLY recommenced you check out Dave Ramsey if you are struggling with debt in your life! ... More

how to keep spiders away with peppermint oil

Spiders HATE the smell of peppermint, so this solution is guaranteed to keep them away. Fill a spray bottle with water and 10-15 drops of peppermint essential oil and spray in places spiders tend to hideunder furniture, in closets, and in other corners and crevices of your house. ... More

how to get rid of ads on safari

The Safari extension AdBlock filters out many advertisements on Safari. You can also choose to selectively allow ads from certain sites if you enjoy viewing their ads or want to ensure that the sites' owners receive payment from their advertisers when you visit. ... More

how to get a renter out of your house

30/07/2012 The itch to rent out vacation homes is hitting all price points. Laura Clark, senior underwriting manager at Chubb insurance, which caters to affluent homeowners, is ... More

how to know when to cancel netflix

How to Cancel Service. Netflix is a streaming television and movie provider that offers service for a monthly account fee. There is no contract associated with joining Netflix, so customers don’t have to worry about being charged an early termination fee when cancelling their account. ... More

platinum sukamon cyber sleuth how to get

Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth players can choose a different branch of Digimon so they can De-Digivolve back. In Digimon, the path of Digivolution is not fixed, allowing players to choose their Digimon. The Digimon can be selected on the basis of elemental affinity, type and more. ... More

euro truck simulator 2 how to finish job

The flag is designating the company lot as the destination, not necessarily the spot where you would drop the trailer. It would seem you missed the green "finish" icon near the first entrance to this company's lot that you passed on your way to the spot you're sitting now. ... More

how to get oni skin on genji

i main genji gotta love me some green cyborg ninja dude i might add more skins if i care enough Download skin now! The Minecraft Skin, Genji, was posted by Aegeah. The Minecraft Skin, Genji, was posted by Aegeah. ... More

how to forget a website on chrome mac

Help! I’m in Chrome on a mac laptop. When I open “Change Proxy settings” I don’t see the pop-up you show above. My pop-up shows Wifi Network and the only tab options i have are wifi, hardware, proxies, DNS, WINS, and another weird number tab. ... More

how to set compression for speech on live

Compression… your best friend and your worst enemy. When used correctly, compression is a key ingredient for vocals that sound professional, modern and radio-ready. ... More

how to get twitter on my phone

hi im having problems with Twitter on my windows 10 home PC, i used to be able to access the website but now all i get is : This site cant be reached ... More

how to keep books on shelf

How to Keep Items on Shelves. If things keep falling off your wall shelves, there are two basic ways to go about fixing the problem. The first is to change or correct the way that the shelf is installed. If the shelf is properly installed, then you can add some small pieces of trim to the shelf to keep ... More

how to find local hookers

Find Local Escorts @findlocalescort. Find Local Escorts is a Escort Directory you can search for Independent and Agency Escorts, view escort picture galleries, write reviews watch escort videos ... More

how to find the perimeter of a ineqivelnt ffraction

Second Grade Fractions Worksheets and Printables. Second grade fractions worksheets get your child learning about halves and quarters. Your little learner will get an introduction to fractions and graphing with pie charts some are even made of real pie! ... More

how to get a criminal history report

All arrest information included in an Identity History Summary is obtained from fingerprint submissions, disposition reports, and other information submitted by authorized criminal … ... More

how to get from laos to cambodia

Avoid creating uncomfortable situations by raising your voice or getting angry enough to cause someone to "lose face." Be cautious about any mention of war, violence, the government, or the current problem of landmines remaining in Laos. ... More

how to get a mermaid tale

The tail of a mermaid often does all the hard work thats why were loving this mermaid tail cake! Put a spin on the traditional mermaid cake by turning it on its tail ... More

how to i know the ip of the repeater

20/05/2011 · It should have DHCP enabled for a specific range of IP addresses you know...such as - 2. The repeater has 2 "sides" - one is the side that connects to the router (this is called the WAN side) and one is the side that sends out its own IP addresses to which you connect your own devices (this is the LAN side.) ... More

god of war ps4 how to kill world sap

20/04/2018 · Like other games in the series, God of War for the PS4 has various collectibles strewn about the world for you to collect. As you travel through the various regions of Midgard, you'll come across Artifacts that will help you complete Labors (in-game mini-quests). ... More

how to get 10 endurance charges poe

Share the build file itself: Others can import it by opening the file with PoESkillTree (double click the file). Share the build file as text: Copy a build (press Ctrl+C or right click ... More

how to get to the boomers

8 Painless Ways to Downsize Your Lifestyle in Retirement Get rid of what you no longer need and start doing what you really enjoy. ... More

how to include google maps api key

2/12/2013 Insert your generated API key in the required key parameter (key=YOUR_API_KEY). The sensor parameter is required and it indicates whether this application uses a sensor (such as a GPS locator) to determine the user's location. ... More

how to know when poached eggs are done

Sadly, like eating well done steak, I ate chalky egg yolks for all my life. I never knew how awesome poached eggs were until I had them at my friend Anna's house a few weeks ago. Perfectly cooked, the egg white should be solid and the egg yolk warmed through enough to roll down in a thick rich stream. And really, I don't know why poaching eggs is considered a difficult task (I always assumed ... More

how to get free clothes on roblox

... More

how to get money from a trust fund

Sep 20, 2016. A federal trust fund is an accounting mechanism used by the federal government to track earmarked receipts (money designated for a specific purpose or … ... More

just bought pmdg 737 how to get liveries

Usenet. nl - finest Usenet access. Varied. With over 1. Usenet is the world's largest network. Boeing 737 pmdg download fsx. Fs2004 pmdg 737 liveries free pmdg 737. ... More

how to get skull trooper fortnite

13/07/2018 Ive been playing fortnite since late September and when I saw it in the shop I didnt really want it and didnt wanna spend any money but now I think its a great skin and wish I could go back on time and get it! ... More

how to get rid of misfortune cookie

You can choose to delete existing cookies, allow or block all cookies and set preferences for certain websites. What cookies are. Cookies are files created by websites that you visit. ... More

how to draw a koi fish advanced

Koi Fish Drawing, Fish Drawings, Art Drawings, Ribe, Autumn Art, Mosaic Patterns, Fish Art, Goldfish, Mosaic Art. Makayla Ellsbury. Art. Fish Drawings Animal Drawings Pencil Drawings Art Drawings Koi Art Fish Art Pencil Shading Pencil Art Watercolor Pencils. Fish pencil drawing. Jane Phillips. ART-DRAWING . 110 Best Japanese Koi Fish Tattoo Designs and Drawings - Nicholas Grimm. Koy Fish ... More

how to fix packet loss windows 10

If you see any packet loss in your output, it means your internet is having issues and can cause problems with updates. The best way to fix it is by contacting your ISP and asking them to fix the issue since this is something that happens from ISPs end and you can only do so much to try and fix it. ... More

overloud th3 how to fix trial period

TeamViewer Trial Period Has Expired Fix Ive been using TeamViewer for a couple of years to remotely log into my computers. I started using TeamViewer exclusively after LogMeIn ended their free version of the service. ... More

how to know she is cheating on you

If you’re not the clingy, controlling, manipulative type, but she still wants space, what she really wants is for you leave her for a bit, so she can do her thing without feeling guilty, and without technically cheating. ... More

how to make fish masala powder kerala style

This recipe can be doubled or tripled according to your needs. Here are some tips to be followed so the masala powder lasts for a long time. # Make sure the ingredients are well roasted. ... More

how to get to laguardia airport from manhattan

Answer 1 of 14: Hello I am going to New York for the first time in my life. Therefore, I don't know how to get to Bogardus Place, Manhattan from the LaGuardia Airport. Hope somebody can help me! Thanks in … ... More

how to get a will done in texas

Revoking a Texas Last Will and Testament. A written Texas will may be revoked by a subsequent will, codicil, or declaration in writing executed with will formalities, or by the destruction or cancellation of the will either by the testator or by someone else but in the testator’s presence at the testator’s instruction. When you are ready to make a last will, LegalZoom can help you get ... More

bulb energy how to join

Sign In Join Free. My Alibaba . My Alibaba Message U type, spiral type, lotus type Energy saving CFL bulbs economic cheap price fluorescent bulb lamp e27 b22 e14 saving cfl lamp . US $0.389-$0.39 / Pieces 1000 Pieces (Min Order) 2 YRS . Zhongshan Henglan Xiangkai Lighting Factory ... More

how to tesla get a such hogh power in homes

The implications from a large re-engineering of the nation's power supply, if that happens, are everywhere one looks from housing design to streetscapes without powerlines and the electricity grid ... More

how to get comped in vegas casinos

Keep contact with casino Get in touch with the casino from time to time to see if the room will be comped. On the other hand, taking out money on a daily basis doesn’t necessarily work as casinos have now a number of ways to track losses. Therefore, you just need to ask for a comp to get … ... More

how to find out if a song is under copyright

The claim that "pre-1923 works are in the public domain" is correct only for published works; unpublished works are under federal copyright for at least the life of the author plus 70 years. So, find out who wrote the song. ... More

how to get rid of haglunds deformity

... More

how to keep spiders off cars

During the night, keep the garage lights off unless you’re working in there. Read Also: Garage Cooling Tips For Beginners . 5. Seal The Holes. Holes and cracks on the walls and roof of the garage an ideal entry points for spiders. So, rather than waiting until the spiders are in the garage to try and eradicate them, why not launch a preventive measure? Try sealing the holes and cracks. Prep ... More

how to get rid of mould flies

You have 5 solutions to get rid of mold: polystyrene thermal insulation on the outside of the building, special additives paints, implantation of certain chemical solutions in walls or the electro-cybernetic method, the newest solution in the field. ... More

how to look at your estatement history st george

Once brimming with water that lapped against the side of the highway, Lake George is now completely dry, leaving many people wondering why. ... More

how to get your dog to stop humping

One of the most embarrassing dog behaviors is humping. Puppies, adult dogs and even altered canines will hump anything, it seems: their person, a guest, a toy. ... More

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how to get rid of bikini line hair at home

Waxing: You can get a waxing kit from $25 - $100 that can last for a couple to many hair removal sessions depending on how much hair you remove each time and the size of the kit. For a professional service it can cost anywhere from $19 - $75 for a regular bikini wax, upwards of $100 for a Brazilian, not counting gratuity and any state tax.

how to give mother feed to baby

Baby feeding chart is a guideline for the parents to decide that what and how much should be given to their newborn in the first year of their life. In the initial months, breastfeeding is very important. Many prefer to give the baby formula feed too. Keep a check on the newborn feeding amount.

how to get from pamukkale to cappadocia

Europe - Bus from Denizli/Pamukkale to Cappadocia/Urgup - I am going to be in Turkey in June of this year. I booked my trip out pretty far (925585) Bus from Denizli/Pamukkale to Cappadocia/Urgup

how to fix patellar tendonosis

28/12/2012 · Arthroscopic techniques include shaving of the dorsal side of the proximal tendon, removal of the hypertrophic synovitis around the inferior patellar pole with a bipolar cautery system, and arthroscopic tendon debridement with excision of the distal pole of the patella.

how to get pre workout out of your system

It’s easy to get stuck in an exercise routine that's, well, a routine. While going through the motions of a "ho-hum" workout may be better than no workout at all, getting stranded on a plateau

how to get files from kindle

Kindle fully supports AZW, PDF, MOBI and PRC files, so it will provide more convenience for the readers in choosing ebooks. It is not convenient for iPad users to get ebooks on the Internet because iPad only supports EPUB and PDF files.

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Northern Ireland: Newtownabbey NIR, Craigavon(incl. Lurgan, Portadown) NIR, Newtownabbey NIR, Belfast NIR, Newtownabbey NIR, NIR United Kingdom BT2 2H4

Scotland: Dunfermline SCO, Livingston SCO, Dunfermline SCO, Livingston SCO, Hamilton SCO, SCO United Kingdom EH10 8B9

Wales: Neath WAL, Swansea WAL, Cardiff WAL, Neath WAL, Wrexham WAL, WAL United Kingdom CF24 1D6